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Winter Running – 10 degree Wind Chill

Winter Running – 20 degree wind chill

Winter Running – 10 degree Wind Chilll

Man, this past weekend’s run was tough. It was a 10 degree wind chill which sounds awful but I actually wasn’t too cold during the run. The hard part was running through slushy snow on top of ice. It seemed like every step I took my foot would slide back half a step. Kinda like running in sand – physically hard and mentally hard. I had many thoughts of why the heck am I doing this??? At least I wasn’t alone!

At one point it also started snowing and blowing and I felt like I was inside a snowglobe. Thank goodness that was only for about the last 1/2 mile of the run. So I was pretty happy with what I wore. I decided on four layers on top: very thin breathable long sleeve base layer, thicker long sleeve shirt with slight turtleneck, hooded thick layer, and a wind proof outer layer. Plus gloves, hat, and neck gaiter. On the bottom I wore fleece lined tights and smart wool socks. The one thing I would have changed was my socks – I should have gone with tall socks since my ankles kept getting exposed. Here’s hoping next week Mother Nature will be a little kinder!

Winter Running – 20 degree wind chill

This weekend was my first week attending Borgess Run Camp which is a 13-week training program for a half marathon. (It started last week but I had to miss due to work) I’ve done Run Camp for the past 3 years and I keep going back for more. It’s a great way to force myself to get outside in run during the winter and it’s always fun to meet fellow runners. The way it works is you sign up for a pace group and are matched up with two coaches and a team of runners of similar pace. The biggest struggle I find is figuring out what to wear on winter runs. It seems like I’m either overdressed or underdressed so I thought I would start to keep track of the conditions, what I wore, and how it worked to hopefully get a better handle on what to wear each week.

Winter Running

It was in the 20’s with not a lot of wind or precipitation.

What I wore:

  • tank top
  • long sleeve shirt
  • running jacket The jacket is pretty thick and also has a hood.
  • thick running tights (old)
  • neck gaiter
  • gloves (newer version)
  • hat (from Target)
  • I ended up being on the warm side. Mostly just my head was overheating. Next time I think I’ll either go for a lighter hat, headband, or I could just wear a jacket with a hood. I was pretty sweaty after the 5 mile run and wonder if I could get away with just one long sleeve layer with this jacket at this temp.

    Next weekend looks even colder and snowy so I might add another layer on the bottom and stay the same on top.