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How To Survive the Workday in a Healthy Way

How To Survive the Workday in a Healthy Way

The majority of Americans now have sedentary jobs. I believe this is one of the biggest contributors to the rise in obesity. This infographic from Daily Infographic details just what happens to your body when sitting. Spoiler: it isn’t pretty.

If your job involves using a computer, it is so easy to go hours without having to get up.

Here are my tips for getting through the workday in a healthy way.

Survive the Workday in a Healthy Way
    1. Force yourself to get up as much as possible. Go talk to coworkers instead of sending an email. Go to the restroom that is farthest away. Take a 5 minute walk down the hall. Anything that gets you up out of your chair will work. I try to watch the clock and if 30 minutes have gone by, I make myself get up and at least do a quick stretch which brings me to my next tip.

Other ways to move more: take the stairs and park in the spot farthest from the door.

    2. Stretch! Sitting at a computer can wreak havoc on your neck, back, and shoulders. Take some time to do some desk stretches. I often search for a short YouTube video to follow and sometimes my co workers will join in. We also store a yoga mat in our office so I sometimes will do some yoga moves or a couple of planks. I also will do a plank while I am waiting for food to heat up in the microwave. Now I understand if you have a public breakroom that might be a little awkward but the point is to try to squeeze in some activity whenever you can.
    3. Sit on an exercise ball. I have been trying to do this more and more. I find that I move a lot more when I use it. I also will use it to stretch by leaning back and stretching out my chest and abs.

Work selfie on my exercise ball

    4. Bring a water bottle. Try to set a goal of refilling it a couple of times a day. I usually have my 32 oz bottle and try to fill it up at least twice so I know I am staying hydrated.
    5. Pack healthy snacks. I never ever go to work without food packed. I always pack a lunch and a few snacks. It is much easier to give in to office treats or the vending machine if you don’t have your own food packed. I don’t tend to store food at work since I find I eat it when I’m not really hungry. I like to pack just enough to get me through one day.

I also find that at work, I’ll reach for snacks when I am hitting that afternoon slump or if I am just flat out bored. If I pack healthy snacks, at least I know I’m eating something nutritious rather than giving in to the basket of Reese’s Cups that are sitting in our break room right now (I’m not going to give in!).